Monday, December 5, 2016

Fossasia & GCI

Hi Friends !
   After a long time of splashing codes on Google Code In , I have come across one of the best organisation on GCI that is the Fossasia. Feeling very excited to such a prestigious  organisation and wishing to explore and learn a lot from it. I have just completed a task at Fossasia and want to explore and complete many more tasks.

I have joined GCI for the first time and within a week I have come across many new things which I never knew.The best part of Google Code In is that there are a lot of tasks which can be accomplished without coding.Its not necessary to be a programmer.I have till now taken the tasks of documentation and research which I always love to do.

And thanks to God for making me inquisitive because of which I love to explore new things and update my knowledge by learning a lot of new things.
Thanks Google for conducting such events which makes things interesting and help us innovate new things.

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