Thursday, December 1, 2016

Introducing Myself

So this is Ahijeet Manohar, just 16 years old  and a 10th standard student studying in Delhi Public School Bokaro, probably a good school that doesn't need to get bragged  more.

I was born in Patna, but I couldn't explore the capital much till date. This is just beacuse I was admitted in a boarding school right from Nursery, in Darjeeling, 'the queen of hills'. I was probably 4 at that time.From then I never studied in my home place...which I always wanted to ...but...couln't.I studied there for 5 years in St Pauls School(the school where Shah Rukh Khan  studied).
At present I am thrown in a small city of Jharkhand thats Bokaro and managing my studies in DPS. I really feel home-sicked here...but don't have any option. Drawing inspirations and focusing on my task & day dreaming that these struggles will make me big one day, helps me to get out of home sickness.This is my present and..God knows..about future.

Feeling confused what to type more. Its really too difficult to explain oneself. If u point out the best traits in u that seems boastful and if you bring out the bad traits contained in you it makes u feel that u are useless. Its tough to know oneself.

Just keep reading 'Keep things Simple' and u will get to know more about me.

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