Sunday, December 11, 2016

Working On Git is Easy

Hi Friends !
   Feeling excited to work on my 7th task at the Google Code-In with Fossasia, an open tech company who features developers around the world to collaborate and work together on a project.After completing my 6 tasks I have gained a lot of experiences on how to work in collaboration with developers around the world and learnt a lot new things.One of them is working on Github.

Had a nice experience working on Github. Let me introduce it to you. So GitHub is a company that provides Git repository hosting. Git is basically a distributed version control system which is responsible for keeping track of changes to content (usually source code files), and it provides mechanisms for sharing that content with others. I had started working on Git by downloading Github Desktop which is a desktop version where you can work on a project.Github Desktop makes it easy to handle project and commit changes.Let me tell you more on how to work on it.If you want to create a new project you have to create a new repository .You must be wondering what's repository. A repository is just a folder where you store the whole project.If you want to work on someone else's project you have to fork the repository.Now what's forking then?Forking is just creating a copy of the project on which you would work. Now why is forking necessary. It's just because you cannot directly change anything on the original project.After forking you have to download the project.Now you are free to change whatever you want in the project, as required.In Git, changes are referred to a 'Commits'.So better don't confuse.Once you have committed changes you have to upload your changes to the main project so that your changes could be added in the original project.So there's an option to sync the changes which would deliver your file to the original repository on the website.Currently you are working on the forked repository, so after committing changes to the forked repository you have to upload your changes to the main project.Hence you have to open a pull request after syncing it to the upstream.A pull request is simply a request to the owner of the projector repository to add your changes to his/her project. Now if the committed changes are fine as per the owner then he would merge your request to the original file and your changes would be saved to the project.And so in this way you can contribute on others project.

Join Github and contribute your best to the projects.And in case of problem, don't forget me..I am just behind you.
Join Fossasia ( and work on your favourite project.


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